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SDT-06 Support Software

"SDT-06 DATA Manager" (Free Sample version) that controls the SDT-06
on PC is now available. This software provides downloads of master data and
test data; in addition, parameters can be changed on PC.

Downloaded master and test data into PC can be recalled anytime for recon-
firmation without connecting to the SDT-06.

SDT-06 Software

Waveform Printout Function

This software has also a waveform print function. Master waveform and test
waveform will be printed out with other test conditions such as parameters,
and so on.

A PDF printout sample is available below.

PDF Printout Sample


for Highly Accurate Testing
10-bit/100MHz A/D converter

Made in Japan

  • Amazing!! Apparent High Voltage Stability
  • Far Superior Voltage Resolution to existing Impulse Testers (8-bit)


Updated on 2018/03/17