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It is a well-known fact that the surge or impulse voltage test is one of the most effective methods for testing coil windings. When used properly, the Surge Tester is non-destructive and accurately detects winding faults by comparing the waveforms of a test winding with that of a known standard.

SDT-06 Software
Surge/Impulse Tester MODEL: SDT-06


  • 10-bit A/C Converter is adopted. High resolution provides extremely precise testing.
  • Improved basic performances of impulse tester (such as signal-to-noise ratio, frequency characteristic, etc.) enabled more detailed Partial Discharge noise detection.
  • Base line fluctuation of AC or DC coupling due to the temperature change is controlled by the auto zero adjustment; as a result, precision of PASS/FAIL detection has improved. The auto zero adjustment is essential for materializing 10-bit voltage resolution tester.
  • Estimation of the inductance of master coil can be performed. Because the estimation is calculated by using high voltage, the estimated value may be different from the value of an LCR meter.
  • 225 types of master waveform can be stored in the main memory. Also, master waveforms and test waveforms can be displayed on PC.
  • Statistical data such as percent defective, variance, etc. can be displayed in graph.
  • This tester can be remote-controlled on PC.
Click the photo to see it in a larger size. (LCD Screen on the SDT-06)

Setting for date, baud rate, firmware update, and buzzar ON/OFF.

Step Voltage
Step Voltage Function provides 4-step voltage going up test, and 5 dif- ferent decay waveforms will be displayed on the screen.

Auto Sweep Set
Sweep range can be set automatically by pressing Auto key.

Voltage Calibration
Pressing Learn key after voltage setting makes voltage calibration.

Estimation of L
Estimate L can be calculated by setting zone on the first resonance.

Master Data Store
225 master data can be stored in the main memory.

PASS in Auto Mode
PASS/FAIL detection in the Auto Mode.

FAIL in Auto Mode
PASS/FAIL detection in the Auto Mode. "Fail" due to "One Turn Short".

Graphical display
Test results will be tallied and displayed in graph.

PASS in Auto Mode
PASS/FAIL detection in the Auto Mode.

FAIL in Auto Mode
PASS/FAIL detection in the Auto Mode. "Fail" due to "Discharge".

Step Voltage
Inraising voltage from 1.4kV to the higher value by 80-volt steps, discharge can be observed at 1720V.


Output Voltage 200V - 6,000V (10V-step)
Pulse Energy Max. 0.18 joules
Inductance Range 10uH or over (recommendable)
CPU Hitachi SH4 (Renesas Technology Corp.)
Sampling Speed 10-bit/(10nano-sec. (1024 Voltage Resolution, 100MHz)
Sweep Range (time axis) 400 ranges (liner)
Master Waveform Memory 225 types in the main memory, Data downloadable to PC
LCD Display 640 x 480 dots (VGA), 8.4" TFT Color LCD, 256-color display  
Waveform Display Area 620 x 340 dots
Detection Method Differential Area, Partial Discharge, 2nd Zero Cross Point
Dimensions/Weight 450(W) x 310(D) x 180(H) mm, approx. 9kgrams.
Power Requirements AC100V - 240V ±5%、 50/60Hz
Interface RS-232C、LAN (Option)
Accessories AC Power Cable (1.5m x 1), High Voltage Test Cable (1.5m x 1)

Data subject to change without notice.


DATA Manager on PC (Click the photo to see it in a larger size.)

pass/fail detection data download changing parameters

The SDT-06 can be remote-controlled by the DATA Manager software on PC. The download of master and test data to PC and changing parameters will be performed easily by remote control. Waveform data in the memory can be recalled any time on PC for reconfirmation.


for Highly Accurate Testing
10-bit/100MHz A/D converter

Made in Japan

  • Amazing!! Apparent High Voltage Stability
  • Far Superior Voltage Resolution to existing Impulse Testers (8-bit)

Updated on 2018/03/17